June 25 - Supposed "Emergency" Meeting of the Roman Curia
(07-02-2013, 11:51 AM)AxxeArp Wrote: Anselmo, how exactly is his reporting “spot on”.  He just shot off an explosive “news report”, high on innuendo and theories, based on a highly unreliable source, with no facts involved other than some cardinals went to the Vatican.   If that is “spot-on” to you, then I’d like to challenge you to a game of darts.  :LOL:

Loggats, I agree with you.  Michael Voris is like Trad Catholicisms own special Yellow Journalist.

That the priest who made the accusations appears to have been lying does not equal Voris making things up, it means the sources he had were given false information.  Its not like he went out and made up a bunch of stuff or reported some wild rumor that no one else was looking into without checking with sources to be sure that what he was hearing was in fact going on.  There are many news reports which get put out which later turn out to be inaccurate.  That does not equal malice on the part of the reporters, or incompetence for that matter.  In this case, it seems obvious that Voris' sources were well placed and accurately reflected the discussions taking place at the time.  It was not until a couple of days later that things came out suggesting that the initial reports were false. 

I agree that the report seems to be inaccurate.  What I fail to see is how a priest who lied to the police, who then shared the story with Voris, is his fault. 

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