Breaking News from Voris-This must be what the meeting was about!
"The worshipers would open the huge doors & crossing themselves with holy water, have eyes ONLY for the Tabernacle & the nearest pew. There was silence, glorious silence, which people seem uncomfortable with today. Picture it, no one waving at a friend, no EEM's trying to maneuver their seat so that they will be closest to the priest when they stampede the altar, just a sacred silence that was contagious. One could SENSE that this place was different, this place was the home of God. it was gone in a moment, with no explanations, no classes, nothing"

I agree, The church is no longer a solemn place. In our parish, we have a small sanctuary where the tabernacle is kept where the blessed sacrament is regularly exposed weekly for adoration. Many days you cannot hear yourself pray silently due to the laughter right outside of the door, it is as if everyone conducting "church business"  on the various councils are the sole existence for the church.  On Holy Thursday thru Good Friday into the lighting of the new fire, there is no longer any solemnity amongst the parishioners,it is so bad that our priest had to come out to the alter prior to mass and plead that "it is a time for silent contemplation"... To mixed results, if nothing else, most people at least put there cell phones down after that point.

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