Reparation an Actual Demand of Today
There is a new audiobook available on Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  This audio-book is an abridgment of “The Ideal of Reparation,” a great book on reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, something that we need to think more about, especially with things getting worst like they are.

You can download the entire abridged Audiobook here

This Chapter is about Reparation being an actual demand on the faithful today, I thought this section might be good for discussion

If these good works are to flourish, we must have many, many souls of good will, souls eager to adopt a mode of life like that so aptly set forth in the subjoined passage:

“We must give up certain satisfactions and practise mortification because others are suffering, and do these things with the greatest sympathy, because we feel drawn to share their sufferings. We must deprive ourselves likewise of certain pleasures, because others indulge in them to excess. In this case, we wish to ransom or compensate for their immoderation. So far as our position and powers allow, we try to maintain a certain level in the life of men.”

Send us, O Lord, we beseech Thee, many of the just to make compensation for their brethren. May it please Thee to send us not merely faithful souls of the rank and file, but generous souls pledged to pay by their loyalty the ransom which Thy justice has asked for so long. Suffering alone will not suffice: we need suffering welcomed loving and penitent suffering. There are other urgent needs but these are the most imperative.But do yet more, dear Lord, raise up souls who, not content merely to accept suffering, seek and desire it as a means of restraining the power of evil. These are the souls who make reparation to the uttermost."

To Listen to our Read the chapter go to this link below
God Bless!

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