Tridentine Mass at the Gettysburg 150th Reenactment
I just replied on the Facebook page where you posted this...but as I said there, there was a local reenactment here in CT a few years back, and I was there on the Saturday..I was asking some of the folks whether, to be authentic, there would be a trad Mass, and they basically said it wasn't allowed.  I confirmed with a fellow Fishie who also attended on Sunday that it was indeed a new Mass, complete with "Amazing Grace."  Really authentic.  I tried, when the next reenactment was going to be held, to enlist a local priest to volunteer to say a trad Mass, and I contacted the organizers, but although I got some sort of bland response about putting this before the board, I don't think it materialized, unless I'm mistaken (I didn't attend that later one).


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