Curious about joining an SSPX Monastery
Dear Drewmeister,
I am 19. I have had the same problems like you have.
Maybe even a bit worse.

You should be obedient to your parents, but to a certain extent.
After you are 18, your parents will have to let you make your own decisions.
I do agree with the posts above about seriously checking and following some retreats before applying.
The SSPX and Indult traditionalist monasteries have a lot of potential applicants, unlike the delapidated Novus Ordo monasteries, but that also means they are selecting. They do not accept applicants younger than 18 years I think, because unlike older diocesan seminaries etc. they can't offer a universitary, academic, or college education degree like the pre 1965 small and grand seminaries could.
You've got to have a diploma of college or high school normally if you're 18.
The life of a monk is hard. It is not like being a seminarian in a brown habit instead of the black cassock. It's a lot more.

But it is great you feel you might have a vocation. You can always contact the SSPX superiors, the district and the monasteries for advice and guidance. They are happy to provide.
Some at the forum might be a bit harsh and reprimanding towards you, but that's because they want to prevent you from entering something you don't want in the end. To prevent sadness afterwards with the Benedictines and yourself.
And you should research other possibilities too, like the traditional Carmelites, DOminicans etc. Or a secular traditional priestly vocation if you've got the diploms.
I would not advise you to enter a non-traditional seminary or monastery. No matter how "conservative" they may seem. But you're clever enough to know that and test them.
Soli Deo gloria,

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