Pope Leo XIII 's Vision & Prayer Against Satan & his Apostate Host

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

        I fear that I was too quirt or sharp in this thread.  I apologize if  I offended anyone.  The very topic of spiritual warfare is in a confused state.  This forum is renown for  its orthodox Catholic views & also  the defense of such views.  There is a dearth of knowledge concerning the theology and traditions related to  Catholic Spiritual Warfare.  I am attempting to provide a link to what was once a free Ebook download written by a Franciscan Abbot named  Rev.  Dominic Syzmanski,  a  one time companion of St. Kolbe,  Father Dominic co-founded  Marytown, the national shrine dedicated to St. Kolbe and also brought  St. Kolbe's movement,  the Militia of the Immaculata, to the USA.    Abbots are Ordinaries.    Abbots rule over their monasteries & order's property just as a Diocesan Bishop does.  Only the Diocesan Bishop can expel an order from his diocese.   

        This being the case Abbots can appoint exorcists or can perform exorcisms.  Father Dominic was an exorcist  who died in 1951.  His notes concerning exorcisms that he penned in 1944 were found sometime before 1973.  If you can remember in 1971 the Holy Order of the Minor Rite of Exorcist was no longer conferred during priestly ordinations.  The theology and practices concerning exorcisms were no longer taught in seminaries.  His notes were published in a series of articles in Immaculata.  Many consider these notes to be a God send at a time when many doubted the devil exists so what is the point of exorcism.    This is written very well and is easy to understand.  It is also composed way before VC II, as if that has anything to do with the errors of modernism & humanism prevail over sound judgement. 


Editors Note (1974 from A Notebook About the Devil & Exorcism by Rev. Dominic Syzmanski): “The Truth  About the Devil” was published as a series of articles in  Immaculata from May through December, 1973.  It was written by the late Fr. Dominic Syzmanski (d. 1951), the founder of Marytown, the national shrine of St. Padre Maximillion Kolbe.  Fr. Dominic was assisted journalistically by Fr. Jerome Palmer,  O.S.B.,  then editor of the Grail, St. Meinrad, Ind., and presently Director of the Secular Oblates of  St. Benedict in the USA,  Fr. Dominic was pastor of St. Anthony Church, Rockford, Ill. At the time and had for years been active as an exorcist.  He would admit to friends that he had the gift of detecting Satan’s presence, which he saw as a small blue light.

      The manuscript for “The Truth about the Devil” was found recently in a trunk containing Father Dominic’s personal effects that had been stored away after his death. In view of the outbreak of Satanism and of public interest in exorcism, its importance could never be greater.


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