Dancing bishops at World Youth Day 2013
(07-28-2013, 09:05 PM)In nomine Patris Wrote: No harm done, except possible scandel to others who see it. "Wow did you see those bishops? The church is finally in the 21st century" Could you imagine St John Vianney, St Alphonus dancing along with the crowd?

No, I certainly could not.  However, I am not sure exactly what cause there is for scandal.  What moral tenant is being violated or what teaching of the Church ignored in the fact that some bishops danced?  There are plenty of legitimate reasons to be scandalized these days, one does not need to go looking for them.  I am far more concerned about the legitimate liturgical abuses that happen all the time, some of which have been noted at WYD, and one which happened today in my own parish.  In addition, I am far more concerned about the damage done to the Church by the new theology and associated lousy catechesis which remains rampant throughout the Church.  While I find things like this annoying and frustrating, I am having a hard time getting worked up over it without some evidence of objective wrong doing. 

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