Entrance jokes, no procession: confused.
(08-01-2013, 11:13 AM)Gidge Wrote: I am sure this goes against the GIRM.

The law of prayer is the law of belief  -- I've seen this sort of thing for a long time-- my best advice is to start attending your nearest TLM community.   :)


I already attend a TLM when I can... the nearest is 100 miles away though> I'm not looking to pick fights with my local pastor though... he's already allowing us to bring in a priest from the institute and some others in our diocese for a solemn high nuptial mass for my wedding. I just was hoping for any GIRM or other citations that I could point my friend to on whether this is technically allowed, if it is or is not the ideal atmosphere of the mass (citations on what that atmosphere should be), or if it is forbidden in part or in whole.

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