Catholic Answers Rad Trad II Radio Reminder-August 12th
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(08-08-2013, 12:32 PM)Sant Anselmo Wrote: Thanks.  I think Catholic Answers as a whole does some very good things.  They are pretty solid at addressing many of the Protestant heresies and have served to help many people in that regard.  In particular, Tim Staples' CD set on Eschatology is actually pretty good, and served to help me quite a bit when I was coming into the Faith.  Unfortunately, many in the apostolate seem to not wish to embrace all of the things which create a Catholic culture, whether it be in the home, the parish, or society at large.  In addition, since many of them came in after Vatican II, and have no problem with it, they are quick to attack anyone who points out legitimate concerns with things in the Church over the past few generations.  I don't know whether this is intentional on their part, or if they are simply blind to the problems which exist. 

The whole labeling of people as "mad-trads" or "rad-trads" gets to me a bit, as I know it does many on here, and elsewhere.  However, I think we should embrace the "mad-trad" moniker, but do so properly.  Seriously, we should be mad at some of the things which have happened in the Church and continue to happen today.  Anger, rightly directed and for proper reasons, is not a sin nor is it uncharitable as many would like to portray it. 

-We should be mad at the fact that our inheritance in the Faith was taken from us.

-We should be mad at the continuing apostasy in the Church and the number of people who do not believe, or who are leaving in droves. 

-We should be mad when we see people within the Church who are not doing what they are supposed to do: (liturgical abuses, people teaching the Faith incorrectly, supposed Catholic schools and organizations who are not Catholic at all, etc.). 

-We should be mad when groups like the SSPX are labeled by many as being in schism (I am not supportive of the actions taken by the SSPX, but they are most certainly not in schism), but groups like the LCWR are defended, or persons like Andrew Cuomo, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, etc. are treated and sometimes even labeled as Catholics in Good Standing. 

-We should be angry when the Church pushes a New Evangelization and then priests and theologians make statements that we can reasonably hope that Hell is empty anyway, which cuts the legs right out from under any reason to evangelize in the first place. 

-We should be angry when bishops in one breath state that they have no competency to endorse specific measures to curb violence and in the next breath endorse a specific policy anyway. 

-We should be angry when bishops teach that something which is not doctrinal (opposition to the death penalty or support of amnesty for illegal immigrants) is, and then teach as if something which is doctrinal (no salvation outside of the Church, Christ the King, etc.) is not.

I could obviously go on and on here, but you get the picture. 

So, am I a "mad-trad"?  Yeah, I guess so. 

Well said.

I think I've come to accept my label.  Yes, I'm angry and it only gets me angrier when others belittle that anger by patronizing my views .

The key of course is what we do with that anger, and how we express it.  That is where the problem comes in quite often. 

True.  But Christ Himself didn't express His anger very well in the temple.  Perhaps He should have done that in more loving way.

Jesus Christ is the perfect man, so I am not going to say or agree with the idea that he didn't do anything well.  There may be a time and place to go nuts and flip over tables, but Christ had the moral authority to do such things.  Myself, not so much.

Again, we should be angry.  The question is how we express it and channel it.  I believe we will be far more likely to win converts and change hearts and minds with a debate formed from a solid theological and logical standpoint, and one that removes emotion from the equation as much as possible.  When we freak out all the time, it makes it easier for people to dismiss us out of hand as reactionary, rather than someone worth listening to. 

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