The Great Deed promised by Our Lord to Blessed Julian of Norwich
maldon, thanks.  i think it means more than the already revealed work of salvation, because bl. julian regards this as something new and not known.  our lord tells her that he will do a great deed that will save his word in all things.  as i said, i don't think this is quite the apocatastasis.  bl. julian herself says that she will go on believing what the church teaches about hell, but that she expects our lord to do 'the impossible,' as he said he could, and would.

this is a private revelation, so no one is bound to give it any credence.  however, it has a definite 'feel' to it that gives it credibility for me.  what i mean is that it comports with the almost unbearable mercy and omnipotence of 'this tremendous lover.'

again, i don't think this is exactly the apocatastasis condemned by the church.  the eastern church teaches that in each created thing, including human beings, there is a 'word,' or an idea -- a unique 'logos,' which is, in a sense, within the one logos who is god the son.  these they call the logoi.  holy people advanced in prayer can perceive these logoi.  these are something like god's ideas of each of us.  i suspect that our lord may be saying that he will save these logoi, despite the rest of the person being consumed eternally in hell.  just my working hypothesis.

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