Which form of government is the best?
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devoutchristian Wrote:If a private court tried to seize my money in a judgment, I would use lethal force in self defense, which is why the court system must be public.

Nothing prevents you from doing that against a public court.  Crazy is as crazy does. 

The difference is that a private court has no authority to seize money, and as such any money it tried to seize would amount to theft.

Anybody has authority from God to seize back that which you stole to give it to the rightful owner.  It's natural law. 

The logical outcome of that statement is complete anarchy.

If I have the right to commit violence against my neighbor to recover what in my judgement he unjustly acquired either from me or a third party, then this makes the judgement individual, not social.

Thus, it makes every man his own judge of his own cause. If I feel I have been unjustly treated then I can strike back in revenge.

Somehow that does not seem to be what Our Lord recommended ("Render to Caesar ...") or what he did by example.

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