Which form of government is the best?
(09-08-2013, 09:33 PM)PeterII Wrote:
MagisterMusicae Wrote:The logical outcome of that statement is complete anarchy.

If I have the right to commit violence against my neighbor to recover what in my judgement he unjustly acquired either from me or a third party, then this makes the judgement individual, not social.

Thus, it makes every man his own judge of his own cause. If I feel I have been unjustly treated then I can strike back in revenge.

Somehow that does not seem to be what Our Lord recommended ("Render to Caesar ...") or what he did by example.

That's the same as saying an individual does not have the right to defend himself if being mugged, since only State "authorities" can truly judge the situation. 

"Render to Caeser..." is a very abused passage.  Caeser has a right to his private property, but not someone else's.

Please quit prosltyzing liberalism.

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