Which form of government is the best?
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MagisterMusicae Wrote:Thus, the State is of divine institution because man's nature requires it. He is unable to adequately provide for himself without society, and society demands some ruler or government (i.e. the State).

Further, the Church prefers no particular form of government, except that it work for the true good of society, which is to provide the material supports to help people best get to heaven.

But the Church at the same time preaches subsidiarity, so true authority can only be claimed when found in its most effectively decentralized form.  Since everything can be effectively privatized, there is no need for a government body above the family level.  Anything larger should only be voluntarily agreed too, never coerced.

Wars between France and Germany happened because of centralized authority. 

You can continue with your pipe dream that everything in the world can be privatized, but the rest of us will stick to sane Catholic social teaching.

Please stop being a Socialist troll and calling it Catholicism. 

One can always count on a troll to be the most committed of troll-busters.

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