A tale, a Tale a marvelous tale of two RCIAs!!
Well I am sorry, I spend time trying to build up hype on my title, but cant deliver it all through the rest..

Admittedly I dont really know any of the priests.. I know more of catholic dogma, but less about their leanings.

Church A:,

One church in town that I have visited frequently and visited a few times a few years ago- I noticed a few updated things
1) their altar now looks a little more like an altar, and less like a table.
2) the holy water/baptismal has now been moved to the entrance of the sanctuary from the front by the steps to the altar/table.  As i understand this could be construed as a positive thing as "we enter the church through baptism, then grow in Christ (the pews) then ascend into heaven(the altar) 
3) they still use a green missal, which even from a protestant perspective is a bit of an oxymoron, seemingly liberal, yet clearly "catholic"  (Thats one thing i never really got about the debates of "which mass is better" ) NO or not, if you go by the book, at least how i was raised protestant- theres NOTHING protestant in there, except what protestants stole from it.  anyway back to topic.
4)  ive seen a mantilla every so often at mass
5) has 2 packed English masses, and 1 packed Spanish mass
6) the old priest is leaving to head to another parish, Im inclined to think positively of this priest (from the stand point of more or less inline with dogma,)  the interim priest is fresh out of seminary, and  idk...a red flag or two, but ive only heard 1 homily of his.  a faint tingling of my spidey sense

RCIA from "A"
a) they provide the full catechism for sale, but the priest approaches from a more thematic standpoint. they still of course have a topic every night, and it includes alot of the big areas "mary and saints, afterlife, infalability, etc"
b) they of course affirm their belief in the entire catechism.
c) about 12 folk.

Church B:
1)  uses the black Vatican II missal, and uses a few of the things in latin.. the kyrie, sanctus, gloria mostly..   i think is it.
2) may be because of the 40 days of life, but the priest called for more catholic babies, on top of less abortion lol.
3) the altar boys used that little plate to catch Host crumbs.  they do communion in the mouth, but they dont dip the host in the wine, so you still hold the chalice i guess.
5) lots of mantillas
4) out of order to make sure your paying attention :P the deacon is dressed basically the same as the priest during mass. 
6) he knows of that book by Ott (Fundamentals of catholic dogma?) to be fair, i dont know if "A" knows though.
7) has one mass on Sunday, and is about 1/2 full
8) basically said every sin is like a pill, it contains a  few ingredients.. dont remember all, but what stood out is he said one of the parts, is "a little push towards hell", and "a coat of sugar to make it easier next time"

a) they provide and use the book "Compendium of Catholicism" or something.. I guess in Presbyterian land we would call it the "shorter catechism" as opposed to the "larger"  anyway, he pretty much just reads each question and reads/rephrases/explains the answer to it.
b) about 4 other folk

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