Michael Voris vs. Mark Shea Debate Tonight
(10-08-2013, 01:09 PM)austenbosten Wrote:
(10-08-2013, 12:13 PM)PolishTrad Wrote: Can you not pray that (I don't know whether you American trads consider him a good candidate or not, so it's just an example) Rick Santorum may smite Nancy Pelosi so that she won't be so triumphant in her rejection of Catholicism?

Did Mark Shea reject Catholicism or openly declared a heretical statement like Bela Pelosi? I think not.  :eyeroll:

Shea spends more time attacking "bedwetting reactionaries" (his term for folks like Vox) than any other group in the world.  He might claim to love the Church of our ancestors, but he has an utter disdain for her traditions. He considers then totally irrelevant. He also refuses to acknowledges any problems in the Church -- besides meanie trads of course. He also acts like every word that falls from the mouth of the Holy Father is the direct will of the Holy Spirit. He as practically appointed himself the #1 "orthodox" enemy of both trads and the "reform of the reform" folks.


Shea Wrote:I’m coming to think that the principal reason Reactionaries loathe Francis (as they loathed John Paul II and loathe the Council and loathe what the Church calls the *Ordinary* Form of the Mass) is that Reactionaries loathe the Church’s missionary imperative.  Not Traditionalists, mind you–Reactionaries.  What ties everything in Reactionary culture together better than any other theory I’ve been able to come up with is that it’s not that Reactionaries think the Church is evangelizing wrong and want to do it better.  It’s that they hate the whole idea of bringing new people into the Church at all (except for a vanishingly small sample of like-minded Reactionaries) and seem to be bent on making sure as few are allowed in and as many are driven away as possible.

Also, say anything bad about any bishop or anything that has happened since VII and it's "anathema sit."

if you're think as these men
[Image: hildebrand-1.gif]
[Image: jrrtolkien.jpg]
[Image: fessio12.png]
you're not thinking with the mind of the Church -- according to Shea.

But if you have no problems with
[Image: l.jpg]
[Image: 001kgpab.jpg]
[Image: 12_03_26_3_days_darkness_01.jpg]
then you have a strong Sensus Catholicus.

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