A Single Post That Explains Why Toxic Trads Are Not Welcome Here

Sorry, Gilbert, I missed your "bump" because I've been sick for about -- well, since I did the Forward Boldly radio show -- and it seems to be getting worse, so I've not been really wide-eyed and bushy-tailed the past few days.  Anyway, I pray you find a spiritual director who's a good fit for you. I think it could do a LOT of good!

Even if you can't find a spiritual director, a lot of what's needed in these sorts of situations amounts to looking at the origins of some of your problems (in your case, the abuse from your Dad) and grieving and getting angry over it, ultimately to come to forgiveness over it. It's always nice to have a human there to emotionally affirm you through this -- but God is there, too, and you can talk to him straight out about how your Dad messed you up, how you want to know how to get over it and to forgive him. You can tell Him anything you'd tell a human counselor--- and He will hear you... And the affirmation He gives would be on the supernatural order. Pour your heart out to Him, Gilbert. Tell Him everything - how hurt you are, how angry, how betrayed you feel, how it's all affected you, how you want healing... Talk to God..

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