Weightlifting and the cult of the body

While I'm MAJORLY bad at this sort of thing, taking care of the body is a virtuous thing to do. It's all about the attitude, the reasons for it all. If push were to come to shove, we'll need warriors to defend whatever we can salvage of Christendom, eh?

That said, there's obviously something askew with a person who's into body-building because of a mere desire to impress people, the goal of acquiring physical power just to knock folks around, because of a fear of death, etc., esp. while ignoring the spiritual life, which is what matters most.

As an aside, for what it's worth, Charles Atlas was paisan', born Angelo Siciliano, and he remained a devout Catholic all throughout his life. Rocky Marciano (49-0!) -- same thing.  One of my Italian-side cousins won major awards for his body-building work back in the day -- and he, along with his Mom -- are two of the most loving, beautiful people you'd ever want to meet. They've got their priorities straight.

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