Social Kingship of Christ and the new feast of Christ The king
I have no power whatsoever to move a Solemnitas, so I bow my head and go along. But I do have an opinion on the Feast of Christ the King The progressives have convinced the more conservative in the Church it's some mystical point in the future. The Trads  are promoting the return of Christendom with the Papal States and the Holy Roman Empire brought back by some hidden King who will return Europe to Kings, Courts, Knights and Ladies. Horsefeathers on both.

The Social Kingship of Christ is our job, just like EENS it puts a responsibility on us to convert the pagans we live among. s we convert and bring them to the Church, their addition to the right thinking will pressure these willfully wicked governments to acknowledge Christ as the King. In case you haven't noticed Vox is a large proponent of this. She is all about us getting the message of the Good News out there. We have become navel gazers, and not doers.

Right now this is an immense problem. Our world is diabolically disoriented. Go out into the streets and you'll know, right thinking is fighting words. But we need to do it anyway. I believe the solution is "basics". We need a skinny Catechism for the dense. We need then to get them to a place for catechesis of the sacraments, there more can be taught. We need to hand out Brown Scapulars to the fallen away, and rosaries to the ignorant and the fallen away.

This is what the Church needs to push, and all of us need to do.


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