What time is your "Midnight Mass" ?
(12-21-2013, 10:28 AM)The Tax Collector Wrote: I was just thinking this in the shower this morning. My 'midnight' is at 10. There is a 4:30 seniors mass and a family mass at 7:00, which will set our annual attendance record. Ironically enough, as a rule there are more seniors in 'midnight mass' than the senior mass.

If I could not go to midnight mass, I would go to the morning mass.

We have a 4pm Children's Mass on Christmas Eve which is a ZOO (sorry, but it is). And the Midnight Mass is so crowded. I love going to Mass on Christmas morning. It's peaceful and there's lots of elbow room. No choir (since they stayed up past midnight singing their hearts out), we have instead two talented sisters.. one sings like an angel and the other plays the harp. They have become a part of my new tradition, my Over-Fifty Sanity Christmas.

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