Medical Sharing Societies
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I know there are waiting periods with any medical coverage, but I'm not expecting now. Our first son was born 3 months ago and seeing those bills highlighted how necessary medical insurance is in our messed up health system.
Here are two examples of the societies I'm referring to:
They sound quite interesting for anyone who thinks they pay too much for state mandated health care. It's not insurance, so they're not obligated to pay anything, but each member contributes monthly with the expectation that their needs will be met when they arise. They do not pay for expenses related to unchristian behavior, so all of they money you "share" goes toward legitimate medical needs.
Here's a good summary article:
I don't see the downside yet, but maybe I'm missing something. I think even if I were still employed I'd consider sending my money to a group such as this rather than paying for my employer's group coverage which generally ends up as profit for some large corporation.

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