Pope Francis - Church Must Not Create "Selfish Little Monster Priests"
(01-03-2014, 10:22 PM)JMartyr Wrote: I thought a priest's duty is to offer the sacraments to the people, give communion to shut-ins, teach catechism,etc.

Msgr. Bruno Gherardini wrote in his Vatican II: A Debate That Has Not Taken Place:

Quote:We must however say a few words concerning one aspect of the conciliar aggiornamento. This is particularly important to me because it is a part of the Tridentine tradition and because it is in conformity with the sacramental reality of the priest. It is of him that I wish now to speak.

As much in Lumen Gentium 28§1, that says textually: "The priests [...] are consecrated to preach the Gospel,” as in Presbyterorum Ordinis 13§2, which voluntarily places the ministry of the Word at the highest place in the priest’s functions, we see a clear modification of the Tridentine tradition, according to which the priest is ad conficiendam eucharistiam. He is, of course, destined to other finalities, but all are placed after that of the Eucharistic sacrifice.

But in the Vatican II texts, all that is not in relation to the ministry of the Word becomes secondary, forgetting the condition of the priest as a mystical continuation of Christ, and thus the Christic basis of sacrificer and glorifier of the Father, which reflects on the priest and forms his first characteristic.

Consequently, how can it be coherent to declare that such a radical overturning of the Tridentine tradition is also perfectly coherent with the preceding magisterium, and constitutes the material of infallible, irreformable and dogmatic validity? I candidly admit that I do not understand.

In reality, if a priest is truly living a life which is ad conficiendam eucharistiam then he is living his Mass beyond the actual liturgical prayer itself -- he is living a life of sacrifice, because that is the life of Christ, and he is an alter Christus. Thus any social work he does flows from the spiritual works ... just like Dom Chautard explains in Soul of the Apostolate (Neat how all that old "Trinitarian" theology seems to seamlessly work together)

In a materalistic world, it takes quite a shock to get people to understand sacrifice.

My great trouble is that what we are today trying to form is not this Tridentine priest, but the Vatican II notion of the priest -- a man consecrated to preach the Gospel -- is what we are pursuing, then the priest is no more than a religious social worker, with perhaps a sacramental side.

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