Is there a contradiction between the God of the OT and the God of the NT?
Most interesting posts fellow fisheaters.

Just a thought I have had from time to time.
As a wildlife lover I often cringed at the slaughter that goes on in nature. Unlike some Creationists I believe God created animals, birds and fish as they are found today, that is, survival of the fittest. It took me some time to come to terms with what Genesis meant by describing their creation 'good' when watching lions eating a zebra alive or a hawk tearing a songbird to pieces or a shark catching a seal as they do, terrifying. "Good' i now realise meant the survival of all those kinds and species through time as any study of the balance of nature shows. If it were not for the predatory system created by God, many kinds would have gone extinct for one reason or another.

And that is why I came to accept God is still good after seeing the TV THE BIBLE, with its slaughter. The purpose had to be the same as with the animals, for the ultimate good, which is this case is the maximum salvation of souls in a world where man has free will.

Another thought I have from time to time is thank God, God is good and not a bad God. Imagine a sadist God who created to enjoy the suffering of creatures, us expecially. He has the power to make one suffer for eternity, and enjoy it. which leads to another question, how come God happens to be good. How come God is Christ, goodness personified etc. Yes the Trinity does allow the good or just to suffer for a time, but always for a better good, more souls saved and one's own soul a higher place in heaven.

Anyone else ever have these thoughts?

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