Is there a contradiction between the God of the OT and the God of the NT?
(02-28-2014, 08:06 AM)cassini Wrote: Here we go again, not even GOD could arrange a worldwide flood.

Its a pity Melkite you never told us why a worldwide flood is 'impossible.' As it is the MAJORITY of the world is currently under water, so why not it all once. Oh yes, I forgot, that would mean depths of water to the top of Mount Everest all over the world. No it would not, as mountains as high as Mount Everest did not necessarily exist before the flood. The continents did not necessarily exist then, all could have been the one land one sea, broken up and raised to heights like Mt Everset after the flood abated and the fountains of the earth closed once again..All this is recorded by science, the breaking up of the whole earth and the sealed cracks throughout the earth.

'And after the seven days were passed, the waters of the flood overflowed the earth ... in the seventeenth day of the month, all the foundations of the great deep were broken up.....For they overflowed exceedingly; and filled all on the face of the earth... and the waters prevailed beyond measure upon the earth ; and all the high mountains under the whole heaven were covered.  (Genesis Ch 7)

Sorry, I like to deal with science, not fairy tales.  It's interesting you argue that there may not have been mountains before the flood, but the scripture you quote speaks of the waters covering all the high mountains.  Not even scripture defends the idea that mountains may not have existed.  You are speculating in a desperate attempt to hold onto the idea that the scriptures are reliable.  Allow me to destroy that for you.

So, yes, Mt. Everest existed at the time the flood would have occurred, along with all the other high mountains in the world.  The reason why the flood could not possibly have happened in reality is not because the world could not be covered by all that water now, but because that water would have no place to go.  The summit of Mt. Everest sits nearly six miles above sea level.  So that would mean six miles of water over the entire surface of the earth.  The average depth of the oceans right now is about three miles.  So that would mean a 200% increase in the waters just over what is already ocean now, not to mention to cover all the land masses of the earth.  Even if we were to assume that possibly the highest mountains were not totally covered, this is still well over a mile of water all over the earth.  Where did that water go?  Global warming fearmongers suggest that if all the world's ice sheets were to melt, the sea level would rise about 230 feet.  That's assuming they are not exaggerating.  230 feet is nothing compared to 5-30 thousand feet of water.  Just assuming for the moment that the flood really happened, where did that water go?  It could not possibly still be on earth.  The atmosphere is no where near large enough to contain that amount of water in vapor form.  The earth would be covered with the densest fog, every day, all over the world, to a height that would probably surpass the moon.  Did God just miraculously make it disappear?  If so, why does he not still perform such magic tricks today?

Further, the water could not possibly have come from underneath the earth, because an additional 5 miles of water, or even a mile of water, to cover the water would mean that all that water would have had to come from slightly more than 5 miles of solid water underneath the surface.  The surface of the earth as we know it know would have to be hovering over a void 5 miles deep, around the entire world, that somehow is not collapsing and falling onto the rest of the mantle 5 miles below it.  Yet we know the earth is solid in those 5 miles.  So there just could not possibly have been a flood that covered the entire world.  It is not just a physical impossibility.  With the facts we know, it is a logical impossibility.

It is interesting that most cultures have some kind of flood narrative.  The best case for rationalizing the flood that I can think of is that, if all the nations have a flood story, it must go back to a time so far that we were all still one people in a local area.  So the flood would have taken place long before man had spread out across the world.  30,000 years ago, when we have the common genetic male ancestor of all humanity, man would still have been isolated to East Africa.  It is certainly possible that there was a devastating flood in some valley that wiped out all of humanity except one family, which the genetic evidence actually indicates.  Beyond that, a global flood is pure fairy tale.


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