The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
(02-26-2014, 08:02 PM)salus Wrote: (snip) If you went up to a person and told them about your SSA and they got mad or rejected you that says more about them than you. If your  honest i think the overwhelming majority of trads knowing your not pushing the lifestyle but battling it within would welcome you. I know their are blowhards who yell about things at trad places but that is in a group on a one on one basis i think they might surprise you.

I'd guess you're right about how folks one-on-one can be very different from their nasty blowhard personae they show on the internet. Still, those people need to stifle, to get real, to get some prudence about themselves, and realize that they are hurting people and, hurting the trad "movement," and harming the very Body of Christ with their bigoted, irrational, and ugly nonsense. I just can't put up with that stuff here, anyway. It's good to not have to cringe when looking at the forum anymore (at least 95% of the time anyway). It's a great relief to me that the toxic trads are gone, at least for the most part.

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