The Experiences of Homosexual Trads
It's really sad that we must see the Novus Ordo as the "welcoming", or even "pro-gay" Catholics, and the Trads as the "rejecting" and "anti-gay" Catholics. There's a strange dichotomy to what should just be unified Catholicism. I myself would not recommend going to a NO, because the theology behind that Mass, and the attitudes that have been formed around the whole procedure, have become liberal. Of course, I've never been to what I'd consider a reverent NO Mass, so perhaps I am not really one to speak here.

As for witnessing to trads, it is a good idea. Most of them would probably find the openness repugnant, however: "why should you even tell us that?" and "we don't want to know, okay?". It really is a private struggle, like those who struggle with porn or impurity or shoplifting. We don't need to say "I'm gay", just "I'm a sinner and I'm Catholic, thanks be to God". This is for trads as well as novus ordo! I don't understand people very well, though...

loggats, thank you for the charitable and patient feedback as well. I get what you're talking about.

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