Cardinal Burke: Media is ‘mocking’ the Pope by creating a liberal caricature
(02-27-2014, 07:37 PM)quo warranto Wrote: Remember though, Christ knew what was in the hearts of those (key words) repentant sinners. An open invitation to everyone, regardless of your pro abortion philosophy is not the best approach IMO. How can you love Christ when you hate his moral laws? Don't you need to at least come to the realization that abortion is murder before you can learn to love Christ in His Church?

I think the very opposite is true. People come to know the Truth -- Who is Christ -- and then Christ changes their hearts. Once they have the supernaturally-infused, theological virtue of charity in them, they can then see their sins against charity -- including abortion -- for what they are. Who can have experience of the Love of Christ and then, without qualm, harm a neighbor? Who could look into the Eyes of Jesus and go on to kill their babies without a sense of guilt? Who can be truly filled with the Holy Ghost and not have any problems ripping off a brother?

The Faith is a supernatural gift, not a "philosophical conclusion." Having faith means encountering the Person of Christ, not just thinking, "hmm, some of the things those Catlicks say make sense!" -- which ithrows oneself back on one's own intellect rather than relying on a true and deep relationship with Our Savior.

(02-27-2014, 07:37 PM)quo warranto Wrote: Can You love Christ and at the same time reject this most fundamental of moral laws? Or is the Holy Father saying come to Christ first and worry about those little details latter?  It sounds to much to me like a 'We can agree to disagree' moment.

I think you're putting words into the Holy Father's mouth by referring to "little" details like abortion, as if you're intimating that Pope Francis sees abortion as not a grave sin. Please give him the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. See what he does in the best possible light (as you should the actions of all Catholics) unless you have good and unassailable reason to see a given action as otherwise.


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