Way of the Cross
You guys, I'm hoping to get you check out this DVD about the Via Dolorosa. I'm hoping you consider getting this DVD so you can make the Stations of the Cross -- especially on Good Friday (we've only got 4 Fridays left 'til then, with Good Friday being the 4th Friday, on April 18).

I don't stand to make any money from any sales of this, but I've watched the video (made by a Hebrew Catholic friend I have in Israel) and it is -- well, it's the ACTUAL Way of the Cross, IN Jerusalem, and it makes the Passion come alive. You virtually walk to each Station, led by Francsican Friars, and accompanied by alllllllllllll sorts of religious (the different habits are a nice thing to see in themselves!) and lay-people of all types. The video gives great close-ups of the many churches and much of the art found at the different Stations, and some of them are breath-taking (some of the statues of Our Lady will make you weep).

Most of the prayers are in Latin, praise God.

At the end of the video, they visit the Church of the Resurrection -- but, blessedly, don't refer to it as "the 15th Station" or anything. But I'm glad it's included -- especially because the bells peal there, like at the Easter vigil (my favorite Church moment!), and it's so beautiful to see His actual tomb.

I think this would make a great Good Friday "thing to do," especially with family. I can see it helping children visualize the reality of what happened on the original Good Friday. Plus, making the Stations with a video forces you to slow down, too, so you're not rushing. You're sort of "forced" to contemplate (the video lasts 28 minutes and some seconds).  The filmmaker has DVDs IN the USA, so if you can't get one now, you can get one closer to Good Friday and would likely have it in time. But once you have it, it's yours forever and you can make the Stations any time you want.

For newbies wanting more information about the Stations of the Cross, see this FishEaters page:  http://www.fisheaters.com/stations.html



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