Anger and the Church Fathers (More Homilies for Lent)
A new series of homilies are available for streaming/download from the Church Fathers.

Taking up the Cross by St. Augustine.
Unity of the Church by St. Cyprian.
Confession of Sins by St. Augustine.
Anger by St. John Chrysostom.
Right Use of Lent, Forgiveness of Injuries by St. John Chrysostom.
Christ Asleep in the Storm by St. Augustine.
The Good Physician St. Augustine.

A strong theme this week is controlling ones anger. The Fathers do not hesitate to invoke hellfire on those who will not be reconciled with there enemies.  I have seen St John Chrysostom referenced many times by trads to justify rants and tirades against various things.  If you are inclined to believe that I think you will find the homilies on Anger, The Right Use of Lent and Christ Asleep in the Storm to give a more complete patristic understanding of anger.  St John Chrysostom not only warned against anger, but even warned against raising ones voice when speaking. 


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