The Blickling Homilies
(04-08-2014, 09:18 PM)iona_scribe Wrote: Thank you, I enjoyed that very much! I was looking for something to listen to while cooking tonight. 

It was a little quiet, I had to turn my volume up pretty high. But you sound like a professional narrator!

I hope my voice didn't distract you too much or cause you to do some accidental food-poisoning. :)


(04-08-2014, 09:26 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: What a terrifying vision in that sermon. Designed to bring about awe and repentance for sure..

And, Heorot, what a tremendous reading voice you have! Have you ever considered reading books for the blind?  If you're interested, see this page:  I think you'd be very good at this. Also, some folks make audio books professionally. I don't know anything about how to get into that, though...

My only complaint is that the volume levels are very low. I had to turn my system speaker alllll the way up -- and also turn allll the way up the Youtube volume control. Other than that, it was perfection. Thanks for recording these! (and it was nice to hear your voice, even if you hadn't been reading such interesting sermons from the past :) )

That's traditional homiletics, Vox! To bring about repentance! I love it! :)

Praise you for your kind words. I am often hoarse and always very quiet, but it's possible to read with steadiness and strength when I try. Thank you also for alerting me to the existence of that blind-service association. I'd love to do that for our brothers and sisters deprived of sight!

I must admit that I didn't think about the volume levels. The problem is that I have a very poor-quality microphone which generates static noise. To get rid of this noise, I have to utilize a noise-removal dynamic effect. This cuts down the volume. I can try to increase the decibel count, but I don't know if that would result in a "sonic boom". I'll have to try that with Palm Sunday's homily...

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