What will we do about this protestant Priest?
We have a new parish priest.

He will change the wording of the Mass to avoid referencing God as "him", "he", "his", "father's", and so forth. Usually he replaces them with God or God's, Trinity or Trinity's, and only says Father during the Pater Noster.

As well, he completely re-words the Eucharistic prayer to avoid any reference to the Pope, Bishop, and all the clergy. He banned Marian hymns, yet my parish is more or less FOUNDED on Marian devotion and Eucharistic devotion.

We're all having trouble with him, and five or six of us have gone up and asked him why he does what he does. He never defends himself, he just says "well it's hard to accept something that's new."

My question is: what steps do I take now? The bishop doesn't care because he put him here, knowing what he was like. This isn't the first time he's got in trouble.

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