$200/month Shortage

This plea is going really, really well! Thank you so MUCH, everyone! 

I got some very generous -- extremely generous! -- one-time donations, praise God! So those will take care of things for a few months! But as to subscribers, I'm still short. It's interesting in that most of the people who did subscribe subscribed at a much higher level than I ever expected (there were a few $20/month subscribers!). So sweet! I really can't tell you folks how much that is appreciated and needed!  But I'm still about $50/month short subscription-wise. What I'm scared of is the one-time donations getting used up in the next few months, and then I'm short again in terms of monthly subscriptions.

So please pray that I get just 5 more $10/month subscriptions or so (or 10 $5/month ones, etc.)!  And THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who were able to help, to all who wanted to help but couldn't, and to all who pray for this place!


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