The $250 Hamburger
When a new restaurant in New York City announced that it was going to offer a burger on its menu for $250 and call it the Indulgence Burger, we had to find out what could make a burger so expensive.

So with curiosity and an empty stomach, we visited the inventor of the burger to see for ourselves. Chef Nok of Beer and Buns in Manhattan is not only the creator of the burger; he’s also the only person who’s allowed to make it.

The ingredients are so specialized, it needs to be ordered a day in advance and the restaurant cannot afford to let anyone else cook the burger.

The table of ingredients that Chef Nok has laid out in preparation to make the burger includes: foie gras, beluga caviar, shaved truffle, a freshly ground Kobe beef patty, pancetta, caviar mayonnaise, and heirloom tomatoes.

The ingredients were clearly indulgent, but how does it taste? It was delicious, of course, but with a $250 price tag you better really like burgers.

This isn’t the first restaurant to make a burger into a status symbol; in fact it’s become a bit of a trend. Serendipity 3 in New York sells a similarly indulgent burger for $295, making Chef Nok’s burger the 2nd most expensive in New York

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