Rorate Caeli: Many FI priests petitioning to be relieved of pontifical vows
Thanks for the thoughts Maldon; you've given me much to ponder. Interesting take on Francis by the way. I had no idea he had one lung! He does take risks in crowds and if he's not.careful he could get assassinated. I certainly don't wish that on him but it's possible. I heard he didn't want to use the Popemobile for the Holy Land trip which puts him in serious danger from militant Jews and Muslims. I've no doubt that he'd be fast tracked to sainthood instantly if he were assassinated but I digress... Indeed there is a crossroads and something has got to give. I can't imagine a worse Pope to follow the moderately neoconservative(by post conciliar standards) Benedict XVI and his recklessness must be stopped.

One of the most illuminating and disheartening things I've ever read about the Council was Ratzinger's "Theological Highlights of Vatican II". It's astounding the disdain for Latin, for the traditional liturgy, for the notion of a sacrificial priesthood and for traditional ecclesiology Ratzinger and the Council fathers that got their way had! These men wanted to bury counter reformation and medieval Catholicism; of that I've no doubt after reading that book and the documents of the Council. Is it even possible to actually reconcile the documents of the Council, not to mention the postconciliar reforms ( new sacramental rites,blessings,etc.) with what came before? I guess if it were me in charge I'd want any reforms to be based solely on the conciliar documents as seen through the prism of Tradition and nothing else. I'd say perhaps Vatican II could be reconciled with tradition, especially the document on the liturgy, but only if we took the 1962 Latin Mass.and reformed it in line with Sacrosanctum Concilium. The Mass, not to mention the sacramental rites (episcopal and priestly consecration, book of blessings etc.) are clear departures from the traditions of Latin Christendom and are utter novelties that must be abrogated.

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