A Heart Beat Away From Judgment: Are You Ready?
(06-17-2014, 01:17 AM)Gabriel Serafin Wrote:
(06-17-2014, 12:33 AM)ThomasTheDoubter Wrote: I do wonder what the disabled can do to love their neighbors. In many cities it is impossible to go outside and do any corporal works of mercy. Many live secluded lives and their only contact with the outside world is the internet.
There are both corporal and spiritual works of mercy. One need not work at a soup kitchen to be helping neighbor. One of the greatest works of mercy one can do for another is to pray and offer sacrifices for somebody.  Our Lady of Fatima said that many fall into hell because there is nobody praying and offering penances for the conversion of sinners. A great act of mercy is to pray for the souls who are stuck in the prison of Purgatory. As their time on earth is finished, they do not have their bodies to do good or to make reparation or offer up penances and mortifications. Thus we the Church Militant can help them.

As soldiers in God's Army on earth, the Church Militant has all the tools, and all the weapons to fight a fierce battle for souls. The problem is that the army is in disarray, amy are awol and the ones fighting are few. Thus the particular Judgment for a Catholic will be severe if all the inspirations and graces go unheeded. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. That stranger sitting next to you on the bus? Say a prayer for him. Those people you see suffering on the news, offer a mortification for them. Our conscience is our cross. It's all about carrying our crosses in life to a crucifixion of our vices, a stripping ourselves of earthly attachments and a complete death to sin; all united to Christ for the salvation of souls..

Bishop Sheen speaks of it here
    I agree with and like what you said.  Question though. There are times when I want to forgive and try to, but then when dealing with the person again, those feelings of hurt come back. Have I truly forgiven them? Even though deep within me, I want to and desire to forgive them?

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