Italian Church Missionary Work Falling Apart
(06-18-2014, 01:30 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: Since Vatican II not only has it been stated by many that faith in Jesus Christ and baptism is not necessary for salvation it's also been said that we should no longer bring European forms and models into non european cultures. There net result has been the growth that everyone and every religion is somehow an expression of the cosmic Christ that all men already implicitly believe in. This has been devastating and has rendered the Church and missionary effort irrelevant. Conversion is for those who in conscience wish to receive it and no longer necessary. All men and all religions are part of the People of God which is no longer confined to card carrying baptized Roman Catholics. Both Benedict XVI and John Paul II gave credence to these ideas as did the Second Vatican Council and the various mainstream interpretations of it.

There is much to be said for a proper inculturation of the Faith but often what has passed for it and what has been sanctioned as inculturation has been little more than gross syncretism and in some cases apostasy. I say Latin Catholics have a right and a duty to bring the Faith in the forms they know to men who can, after accepting them, bring to the table what is good in their own cultures. The Faith is not just the bare acceptance of Jesus Christ, it's doctrines, art,piety, prayers, customs and symbols as well.

What's so hard today about mission is that the highest ranking members in the Church since Vatican II are more interested in syncretism and ecumenism and the very notion that faith in Jesus Christ as absolutely necessary for salvation has become an embarrassment. If all can be saved implicitly, if all in whatever religion or lack thereof can be saved through implicit faith than what is the Church for other than to be an arm of UNICEF?

That is **precisely** what the enemies of the Church are striving for and are not far from it, by the look of things. :'((

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