Issue with Evangelii Gaudium
(06-25-2014, 05:22 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: God didn't revoke it; the Jews of the time broke it. But God fulfilled it anyway, keeping His promises.

I think technically you are correct, but the prima-facie meaning, and certainly the way that the Jews themselves read it, is that they can get to heaven through their religion. On the face of it, I don't see how else it can be interpreted without more complicated arguments. Indeed if one wants to say what you say it means, one wouldn't phrase it in the way Pope Francis has... I don't think in the history of the Church anyone has said that about the Jewish religion until after VII.

They basically want to say that Jews don't need Christ to be saved, why else would they talk like this and also abandon all work towards converting Jews?

One can only weep at what this new orientation has made of the life’s work of the famed 19th Century Jewish brothers Alphonse-Marie and Theodore Ratisbonne . They converted, became priests and eventually founded a religious order dedicated to the conversion of the Jews. Yet a cursory review of the Fathers of Our Lady of Sion’s website (the congregation they founded), reveals quite explicitly this stark change in understanding regarding the Jews:
“Today, the Church has given new orientations concerning our relations with the Jewish people in its declaration Nostra Aetate and in other documents that followed. Because of this, and in obedience to the directives of the Church, we no longer seek to convert the Jews, but rather a better understanding of the place and role of the people of Israel in salvation history as well as their relationship with the Church.

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