The Rabbi Who Loved Evangelicals (and Vice Versa)
Quote: I know a guy who's training to be a Lutheran minister
I guess archheretic Martin Luther would be scandalized by it, as Luther himself was a real unCatholic antisemite, and said, that every person of Jewish race who passed by, was "Satan himself incarnate".
The Lutheran church in Germany collaborated on a huge scale and founded the "Deutsche Kirche", Hitler's State church of race and soil.
However as we see, the doctrine of occult Nazism has the same ideological roots as occult Zionism. Well, Nazism made more victims, but just compare:
1. "Jewish Race" - "Palestine=Israel/Lebensraum for Jews"
2. "German blood" - "Germany and Eastern Europe/Lebensraum for Germanics".
It is in fact a very evil comparison, but it is justified, I think. Not that Zionism or Judaic superiorism made more victims, but then again there are less Jews than there were Germans. 
How much does it please me, that the Catholic Church is truly universal. The Jews want universal reign, the Church wants universal salvation.
In the traditionalist churches of Western Europe I see patriotics and guys called upon as "nationalists", together with blacks and Jewish converts. In Brussels e.g. the prior of the SSPX is a black priest of the SSPX. The WASP traditional and talmudist Judaic teaching, that they are doomed descendants of Cham, is just an excuse for superiority. And we white can also fall for that (even some trads have some disdain towards blacks, though supernatural love should make us love them much more, as they are much more open for the Truth than present whites, see Archbishop Lefebvre's apostolate there). It is not to say I am pro multiculturalism or forced mingling etc., I am for patriotism, but not principally against mixed marriages. Certainly in colonies like the USA, such a thing is inevitable and typically good.

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