Getting a TLM
Good post. We began our efforts back in 2006. Our first contacts were with Una Voce. Our monthly meetings were following a guideline similar to the one posted here on Fisheaters. Our group was about 30 in number when Summorum Pontificum was released. Most of the folks declared our job was done but a few of us persisted and kept the group alive. In June of 2008 we had found a priest to say the Mass at a rural Catholic church. He was a Dominican and only had time available on a Monday evening. So we went for it. For 38 months we had a monthly Dominican low Mass. Then that priest was transferred and we found a diocesan priest who had learned the TLM and he was available on a Sunday evening once a month. For a year and a half this lasted until the travel for the priest became too much. So the Abp. transferred the Mass to the south of us. It is now being said twice a month; a low Mass on first Fridays and a Missa Cantata on the third Sundays.

During this time the FSSP was invited into Seattle (September 2008) and has since expanded to Tacoma. Attendance at Seattle is between 400-500 each Sunday and 100-125 in Tacoma. The TLM is also said in Bremerton twice a month by a really great diocesan priest and in Port Angeles.

Its very hard work keeping things running. The diocesan efforts are the toughest because of the need to develop latin training for altar boys and starting a choir. Seattle has had great resources to work with and the involvement of dedicated Catholics. The FSSP has provided a lot of help. The Tacoma efforts are paying off at last. FSSP has taken us under their "wing" and we are now making some good progress.

Keep the Faith and keep working hard. Pray constantly for success.

God Bless all who try.

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