Ugly Churches

From a site called Real Clear Religion comes this collection of pix of ugly churches. Most of the ones they list are --- Catholic (which are the only ones I show below). Isn't that just sad? And isn't it doubly sad when you consider our rich artistic heritage? No excuse for this sort of nonsense.

Anyway, on with the show. The comments are theirs:

[Image: uc1.jpg]

L'Église Sainte-Bernadette du Banlay in Nevers, France
Chapel, or rejected set piece for Prometheus?

[Image: uc2.jpg]
Church of St. Patrick in Armonk, New York
Was this a nuclear reactor before it became a church? According to the parish, the church was "designed with the liturgical guidelines of the Second Vatican Council in mind." Ugh.

[Image: uc3.jpg]
Catheral of Christ the Light in Oakland, California
Please throw stones at this glass house.

[Image: uc4.jpg]
Walk inside and you're suddenly in Noah's Ark.

[Image: uc5.jpg]
If Leonid Brezhnev had been a Bishop, this would've been his throne.

[Image: uc6.jpg]
St. Gregorius Church in Aachen, Germany
Hoover damned.

[Image: uc7.jpg]
Or: Home of the angry aluminum Jesus.

[Image: uc8.jpg]
San Paolo Parish in Perugia, Italy
Taking George Weigel's The Cube and the Cathedral a little too literally.

[Image: uc9.jpg]
Mariakirken in Våler, Norway
When hippies design churches.

[Image: uc10.jpg]

[Image: uc11.jpg]

[Image: uc12.jpg]

[Image: uc13.jpg]

[Image: uc14.jpg]
Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King in Liverpool, England
How did they get this from Sir Edwin Lutyens's original design?

[Image: uc15.jpg]
Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida in Brasília, Brazil
Screenshot from a bad '70s alien flick?

[Image: uc16.jpg]
Iglesia de la Consolación in Córdoba, Spain
This church wants to be a drive-in movie theater.

[Image: uc17.jpg]
Did a nuclear blast claim the lives of the church's first parishoners? So creepy.

[Image: uc19.jpg]
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Créteil in Créteil, France
I suddenly have a craving for conchiglie.

[align=center][Image: uc18.jpg]
[align=center]Church of Santa Monica in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Spain
Optimus Prime goes here.

[Image: uc20.jpg]
[align=center]St. Francis de Sales Church in Muskegon, Michigan
If you think the outside is bad, just wait until you see what's inside:

[Image: uc21.jpg]
[align=center]A faceless Mary with an empty womb.

[Image: uc22.jpg]
[align=center]Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption in San Francisco, California
This church is a Cylon.

[Image: uc23.jpg]
Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Vienna, Austria
This Jenga church brags of "very lively and everybody integrating" services with "modern" music! Yipee!

[Image: uc24.jpg]
[align=center]Catedral Basílica Menor Nossa Senhora da Glória in Maringá, Brazil
Now that's a dunce cap!

[Image: uc25.jpg]
[align=center]Christus, Hoffnung der Welt in Donau City, Austria.
The Catholic take on Mecca.

[Image: uc26.jpg]
[align=center]Let there be lights!

[Image: uc27.jpg]
[align=center]Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas, Nevada
What's in Vegas...

[Image: uc28.jpg]
[align=center]...should stay in Vegas.

[Image: uc29.jpg]
[align=center]Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut de Ronchamp in Ronchamp, France
Lord of the Mushroom.

[Image: uc30.jpg]
[align=center]Kappal Matha Church in Uvari, India
This. Is. A. Church.

Got any more?


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