Disturbing yet unsurprising. Cardinal Burke being removed.
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(09-18-2014, 04:52 AM)tradprof Wrote: I know Cardinal Burke. I first met him when he was bishop at La Crosse, WI and he was under fire for installing the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, an order which was dedicated to offering the Latin Mass, each  time striving for an even higher level of perfection in the liturgy. The real Mass was offered in the cathedral daily when Bishop Burke was there. The school was located in the same building and not once in the whole time the Canons were there did any teacher bring any child to the Latin Mass, if for no other reason than the history of it. Shame on the blind--and arrogant and stubborn--in that diocese.

Cardinal Burke is a saint-in-waiting. The same can't be said of Pope Francis...unless, of course, you assume he'll also be canonized like the other Vatican II era popes to prove that VII was a really swell idea and not a failure leading to the demise of what now passes for the Catholic Church. I am always amazed to hear so many say Francis must be the correct choice for the Church; the Holy Ghost surely was involved in his selection. But why can't this just be a case of Divine permissive will allowing the chaff of the magisterium to be separated from the wheat of true faith? We are getting exactly what we deserve, whether it be in the form of the pope, cardinals and bishops or politicians, entertainers and social activists. But I also believe we're getting exactly what God intends. I'm older; if someone had told me 50 years ago that we would ever be at this state I would have thought them insane.

The more I watch what's happening with this almost unintelligible pope and his lack of knowledge of or interest in dogma and faith, I'm beginning to think that the Society of St. Pius X may, indeed, become the final repository of the real Catholic Church. If things go very wrong with the fall synod, I'm heading to the nearest SSPX chapel...for good. Many are called but few are chosen. A great many saints--and Pope Benedict himself--have said it will turn out to be a VERY few. It's starting to look like among them will be those with the SSPX. The rest of the "church" is increasingly heading toward being the real schismatics.

I agree with you here.
This Pope might have some faith, throwing himself the way he does without protection into moslem territory. But still, he's by no means a bright man and he seems to have a great animosity towards the traditions of the Church. By most measures he's a disaster.
Indeed if something too radical happens at the Synod (a Synod according to the reports is being manipulated into a liberal revolution) I myself will go rather quickly to the next SSPX chapel.
Why the SSPX? It is extremely unlikely that SSPX will become sedevacantist even if tables are turned at the Synod. Sedevacantism is the worst heresy for the SSPX. To me it seems that if anything radical happens in October there'll be two choices: sedevacantism or Orthodoxy.

How can Orthodoxy be a logical option? They already allow divorce and remarriage.
Yeah, but they're at least consistent in their teaching so perhaps they got it right from the beginning.

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