Disturbing yet unsurprising. Cardinal Burke being removed.
(09-21-2014, 09:11 PM)Geographer Wrote: ...the governing body of the church may not be headquartered in Rome forever. Let say that Rome completely goes off the rails, while other organizations, i.e. possibly the SSPX,  maintains the traditional teachings of the church. Then fast forward 500 years into the future when Rome is collapsed spiritually, morally and financially and is Catholic in name only, while tradition is robust and popular.

The primacy and the bishopric of Rome are one and the same thing--they form one, inseparable episcopacy. The idea that the primacy could be transferred to another See was definitively condemned by Pope Bl. Pius IX in the Apostolic Letter Ad Apostolicae, which is in the context of condemning the errors in a particular work originating out of Lima,  entitle "Defensa de la autoritad de los Gobiernos y de los Obispos contra las pretenciones de la Curia Romana," by Francisco de Paula G. Vigil.

Furthermore, one of the errors of Peter de Osma definitively condemned by Pope Sixtus IV was that "the Church of the city of Rome can fall into error."  If it could, St. Irenaeus would be wrong to say that all the Churches must agree with the Church of Rome.

That of course doesn't mean Rome won't have its problems (and may be better practiced elsewhere), as St. Bridget described in her times:

St. Bridget Wrote:Today I can say of Rome what the prophet said of Jerusalem: 'Once righteousness lodged in her and her princes were princes of peace. Now she has turned to dross and her princes have become murderers.' O Rome, if you knew your days, you would surely weep and not rejoice. Rome was in olden days like a tapestry dyed in beautiful colors and woven with noble threads. Its soil was dyed in red, that is, in the blood of martyrs, and woven, that is, mixed with the bones of the saints. Now her gates are abandoned, in that their defenders and guardians have turned to avarice. Her walls are thrown down and left unguarded, in that no one cares that souls are being lost. Rather, the clergy and the people, who are the walls of God, have scattered away to work for carnal advantage. The sacred vessels are sold with scorn, in that God's sacraments are administered for money and worldly favors.

The altars are abandoned, in that the priest who celebrates with the vessels has hands empty as to love for God but keeps his eyes on the collection; although he has God in his hands, his heart is empty of God, for it is full of the vain things of the world. The holy of holies, where the highest sacrifice used to be consumed, represents the desire to see and enjoy God. From this desire, there should rise up love for God and neighbor and the fragrance of temperance and virtue. However, the sacrifice is now consumed in the portico, that is, in the world, in that the love for God has completely turned into worldly vanity and lack of temperance.

Such is Rome, as you have seen it physically. Many altars are abandoned, the collection is spent in taverns, and the people who give to it have more time for the world than for God. But you should know that countless souls ascended into heaven from the time of humble Peter until Boniface ascended the throne of pride. Yet Rome is still not without friends of God. If they were given some help, they would cry out to the Lord and he would have mercy on them.


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