Re: Masons, Knights of Columbus and Vatican II
Okay, for too many years I have heard the mantra of "In the spirit of Vatican II...", which is often followed by some downright radical clap trap. Then when researched, is found that the subject NEVER came up during the Council. As an example, I know that (my memory may not serve very well) Pius X wrote an encyclical condemning Masonry and making membership an automatic excommunication for a Catholic, Lay or Cleric. Then I hear one of those "In the spirit of Vatican II..." things about how the provision against belonging to the Masons, for the laity at least, isn't in force and only Clerics are not allowed to join.

Enter now the good ol' K of C: Not only have I noted a number of Masonic symbols on cars in the parish parking lot on Sunday, but many are cars belonging to our K of C council members. What's up with that?! Aren't they diametrically opposed to each other, as in sworn enemies?

Have the Knights been infiltrated? These 'dual' members do seem to bring disrepute among their 'Knighted' friends. If its true..will there be a change?

Will the Knights clean up their act?Does anyone see this trend too?

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