Satanic panic: how British agents stoked supernatural fears in Troubles
Like blood libel, accusations of Satanism appear to be a familiar way of attacking your enemy and demonising a whole group of people.

Then there are the human tendencies studied by sociologists and social psychologists which make such weapons so effective: religious paranoia, moral panic, mass hysteria.

Unfortunately, suggestions of Satanism would seem to very easily affect a population. There was the 'Satanic ritual abuse' hysteria (SRA) of the 1980s and 90s. This spread over to other countries and to England where there was a case which affected me much when learning of it when hysteria among social workers led to the unjust destruction of families and the persecution of poor people: In 1990 there was a case in Rochdale which around twenty children were removed from their homes by social services who alleged the existence of SRA after discovering 'satanic indicators'. [one of which was a catholic holy water stoop! One was a nightmare a child had had. ] No evidence was found of satanic apparatus, and charges were dismissed when a court ruled the allegations were untrue. The children who were removed from their homes sued the city council in 2006 for compensation and an apology. (from Wikipedia) Even after the case was acquitted, the social workers got there own way and the children still weren't given back, apparently the parents were to poor.

Then there is the case of Father Paul Nicholson, who himself possessed  by anger, intimated the SSPX were worse than Satanists in his own internet propaganda.

Folk can be very superstitious. Let the Catholic Church's appointed persons determine the presence of Satan. It is a science. Even on this forum recenlty,  I wrote a post and someone suggested that the cause of the particular matter was satanic, which bothered me. Why are Catholics so quick to believe nonsense like this (not meaning the Irish case, this is different, this was psychological warfare), what are we? Protestants?

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