Annulment question
Not sure if this is the right place or not. If not please forgive.

I wanted to get an annulment so I could remarried. My marriage was before I was a christian. I had not way to get in contact with my ex wife, I could say for certain if she was baptized. I was ready to get remarried and wanted to follow the book on it. So i went to my priest( a sspx priest) about the annulment. He drafted the papers, but told me that there is a good chance that the marriage could not get annulled. This kinda left me and fiance shell shocked. A marriage from before I become christian was not good enough for annulment. We did not know what to do. We only had another local traditional parish that I tried to get a hold of by phone and email ,but never heard back. We did not know what to do. So we did what was the wrong thing to do which was leave the church and get married any ways.
So we did. We have been very unhappy with that choice. So I went back to service today and talked to Father about getting the ball in motion.

So my question what are the chances that marriage will not get annulled. I was hoping maybe some one can give us insight? Me and my wife want to be a Catholic family, raise catholic children. At the same time we might get held back by choices I made before I was christian. I just do not understand and it seems harsh, unfair. I know I am supposed to submit to the authority of the church. Any insight would be helpful.
Pray for me

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