Annulment question
I am sure everyone here will pray for you!

Your intention is noble and your situation painful, though recognise that the SSPX priest has a valid point.  Marriage predates Christianity as an institution, so the validity of the marriage is not directly contingent upon the baptismal status of the parties.  Therefore it, like all witnessed marriages, is presumed valid until reason is given to believe otherwise.  At the same time, I am sure you shared many more details with the SSPX priest than you have with us, leaving him in a much better position to make such a comment than we are.

There is nothing in what you told us from which we can infer anything, nor would we even prudently attempt to do so.  However, what you might do is prayerfully reflect upon the conditions necessary for a valid marriage, both on your own and with a priest.  Here is a list of reasons for which a marriage might not be valid, which you might look over:

I hope this is of some help!

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