“really long shower” “practice dunk”
Horrible, but perhaps still less invasive than what male converts are subjected to, at least in certain ways. If a male has already been circumcised and converts to Orthodox Judaism, his membrum virile must be thoroughly inspected by a rabbi to ensure that enough tissue had been removed. If there is too much residual tissue from the preputium, it must be removed according to rabbinic laws. Even if there is no such tissue, a knife is used to create a wound, drawing some blood from the membrum, since the shedding of blood is required for satisfaction of the covenant.

Frankly, I find it inconceivable that an individual would want to convert to Orthodox Judaism, with its insularity, its legalism, and its insistence on the innate spiritual distinction between Jews and Gentiles. A convert is prohibited from mourning the deaths of his non-Jewish family members, for example. This woman is yoking herself to a dead body. What an awful burden to take up, and willingly! She needs our prayers.

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