Middle of the Night Sinning (culpability question)
I have a somewhat infrequent issue where I'll go to sleep, then several hours later 'wake up' with certain desires.  Most of the time I can just wake up my wife and all is well as she almost never denies me the marital debt.  Unfortunately, she currently has a medical issue where this is not a good option (She says I can, but I know it would cause her pain.  She has what we believe is a slipped disk in her back which has been an on going issue for about 2-3 months now and likely to continue for at least several more months).  So...I have found myself in an act of self abuse.

My question here is this.  Is there a sufficient reduction of culpability because I"m still 'half asleep' (which is obviously a very vague concept, and is causing me a lot of confusion)?  I haven't succumb to this temptation during the day in years, and even at night usually I will catch myself after a bit of time and (with great difficulty) just force myself to go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, last night that was not the case.

So, should I refrain from receiving communion until I can go to confession, or does the 'half asleep' state reduce culpability enough to make it a venial sin.  I will be confessing this either way, but I will likely go to mass at least once before this occurs.  I am currently assuming it is a mortal sin just to be on the safe side, but I'm really not sure and don't want to deprive myself of the Eucharist unnecessarily. 

Any thoughts or answers would be appreciated.

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