Fathers prayer over the first born?
(01-13-2015, 09:41 AM)Rick4367 Wrote:
Quote:I googled the prayer.  I think I did Firstborn Prayer Blessing.  I think you can do the Jeswish version of Torah first son blessing.  I
was surprised to see it is meant also for whomever was the first born from the mother.

I got the idea when I watched an EWTN show called "Journey Home".  There was a Jewish man who turned Catholic and began
telling his story.  I caught the tail end of it but what he said made sense to me.  He made a comment that normally you do not
see a practicing Jewish man who is poor or addicted to drugs and alcohol or mentally unstable.  The Jewish are normally well off
financially.  He surmised that it is because traditionally the Father will always recite a prayer over their First Born Son.  It is the
father's blessing that brings God's Blessing on the son and the family.  The Jewish families have been performing this tradition
for years.  He said it wipes out any evil or generational curses through the family like addictions, mental illness etc. 

Since my Father was a hitman and his whole family alcoholics before him and alcohol abuse and mental illness after him, I decided that
it couldn't hurt so why not have Dad say a blessing over you?  I told [my Aunt] about it and she is having [my Uncle] do the same
for [their son].  I thought perhaps you might want to bless your son too!

My mind is blown, a Jewish prayer?!  :O

Is there any reason for a Catholic to perform something like this?  Doesn't baptism wash away all sin?  Any help would be appreciated.

No, there is no reason for a Catholic to Judaize, and that includes circumcision. Also, to that Jewish convert who thinks Jews are well-off financially because of such prayers: that's nonsense. Jews are well-off financially because of usury, period, the end. And usury is a sin.

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