Proust on Cathedrals and the Mass.
I thought this might make its way onto Fisheaters. Thank you, Renatus Frater.

Unfortunately, the beauty of the article became ironic when I read this:

Quote:"alas, such things are as far from us as the pious enthusiasm of the Greeks at their theater performances, and our ‘reconstitutions’ cannot give a faithful idea of them.”

That is what one would say if the Catholic religion no longer existed and if scholars had been able to rediscover its rites, if artists had tried to bring them back for us. But the point is that it still does exist and has not changed, as it were, since the great century when the cathedrals were built.

Reading stuff like this really depresses me. It's a sort of backwards anti-prophecy. Most certainly the sacred liturgy has changed, and the Faith with it. I always find it darkly amusing how the Catholic - and not-so-Catholic - writers of the early 20th century banked so much on the unchanging nature of Rome and Her worship. Hopefully some day the dodos in the hierarchy will realize what they've done and return to Catholic rites.

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