Why the Extraordinary? (Documentary project)
So my friend and I want to create a documentary that will promote the usage of the Latin Mass. We want to be able to do a video documentary that will interview priests who celebrate the Latin Mass, and other clergy who do so as well. This also includes lay people who attend the Tridentine Mass and ask them several questions such as "Why do you attend the Latin Mass?" "When did you first starting going there?" "How did you like it?"

If they are priests or other clergy some of the questions might be "Why do you celebrate the Latin Mass?" "When did you first celebrate it and what was your experience?"

The title of this documentary is meant to be rhetorical in a good way. Most people  know that the reason why the Latin Mass is called the "Extraordinary Form of the Mass" is because it is not the current norm "Ordinary Form" but rather an Indult. However as many of you may know, the word Extraordinary also has another significance, namely that it is beyond the ordinary "Beyond the Mundane"

For this reason I want this documentary not only to promote the usage of the Latin Mass but also explain the great theological and philosophical aspects which make up this form of the Mass, and furthermore the great means by which it expresses Lex Orandi Lex Credendi, "The Law of Prayer is the Law of Belief"

If anyone has any suggestions of any kind for the success of this documentary project please let me know either by continuing the thread discussion or by sending me a private discussion.

Please do know that I want this documentary to be as faithful to the Magesterium as possible. By Faithful I mean that I would rather keep those aspects such as the people that I will interview in good standing with the Church (such as those who attend or celebrate Mass through the Diocese, FSSP, ICKSP, Religious Orders, etc). I do not want to get into trouble and I do not want anyone else who may be volunteering in trouble either.

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